Friday, May 7, 2010

Ideas for my next painting

Searching for ideas for my next painting.. Any suggestions friends?


Arun's espĂ­ritu libre said...

Could be a Bad Idea, just a suggestion - "A Software Engg trapped in his/her Cub(icl)e" - Arun Mohan

Indhu said...

would try def.. right now started working on trying to reproduce a combination of two mughal art paintings. I'll do this next! Thanks for the idea!

prabhu said...

waterfall with people there .. try out this !

karthic said...

try a night time pic

Jeremy said...

An Indian fisherman fishing from a pole, as the sun rises/sets

Indhu C said...

Thats an idea Jeremy!! will try that one too... doing a waterfall now.. as Prabhu had suggested above - but sans people :)

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